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Faber F. C., Fangmann, L. , Nepton, A., Harrison, T. R., & Williams, M. (under review). Neuronal adaptations during childbirth: Navigating informed consent, ethical practice, and postpartum trauma. BMC Medical Education.

Williams, M. T., Faber, S. C., & Zare, M. (under review). South Asian fathers' experiences of bias in family court.

Williams, M. T., Osman, M., Kaplan, A., & Faber, S. C. (under review). Barriers to care for mental health conditions in Canada. Canadian Journal of Public Health.

Williams, M. T., Feng, R. Y., Faber, S., & Abdulrehman, R. Y. (under review). Building a positive racial and ethnic identity: Implications for mental health and treatment engagement. In E. Goetter et al. (Eds.), Optimizing treatment engagement processes in CBT for anxiety and related disorders. Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Science into Practice Series. Springer Nature.

Faber, S., Wong-Lee, R., Zalewa, D., Buchanan, N. T., Quinn, D. & Williams, M. T. (under review). A case study of racial power dynamics by a board of directors in a new professional organization. Consulting Psychology Journal.

Faber, S., Williams, M. T. et al. (under review). The Necessity of Open Dialogue on Ethnic and Racial Identity: Protective and Therapeutic Effect. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice.

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Nepton, A., Farahani, H., Williams, M., Booij, L. & Faber, S. (in press). Ketamine and epigenetic processes in depression, intersection between serotonergic and glutaminergic pathways. Journal of Psychedelic Studies.

Wong-Lee, R. & Faber, S. (in press). Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In D. Friedman-Wheeler & A. Wenzel (Eds.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Sage Publications.

Gallo, J. & Faber, S. (in press). Obsessive-compulsive disorder. In D. Friedman-Wheeler & A. Wenzel (Eds.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Sage Publications.

Williams, M., Cenat, J. M., Caldwell, K., Osman, M., Gallo, J., & Faber, S. C. (in press). Les microagressions raciales comme obstacles au traitement en soins cliniques. Canadian Psychology.

La Torre, J. T., Mahammadli, M., Faber, S., Greenway, K., & Williams, M. T. (in press). Expert opinion on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for people with psychosis. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction.

Williams, M. T., Cabral, V., & Faber, S. C. (in press). Psychedelics and racial justice. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction.

Williams, M., Gallo, J., Dasgupta, A., & Faber, S. (in press). The Traumatizing Mental Health Impact of Racism in Black Canadians. In J. M. Cenat et al. (Eds), Black Communities Mental Health in Canada: Overcoming Obstacles, Bridging the Gaps. University of Ottawa Press.

Special Issue

Power, Discrimination and Privilege in Individuals and Institutions


This research topic explores forms of covert or unexamined institutional power structures, systems, and their psychological effects and consequences.

Guest Editors

Sonya Faber, Lead Editor
Monnica Williams, Co-Editor
Matthew Skinta, Co-Editor
Bia Labate, Co-Editor

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Scientific Articles


Williams, M., Faber, S., & Skinta, M. D. (2024). Power, discrimination, and privilege in individuals and institutions. Frontiers in Psychology, 15(1376169), 1-5.

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Jahn, Z. W., Lopez, J., de la Salle, S., Faber, S., & Williams, M. T. (2021). Racial/Ethnic differences in prevalence for hallucinogen use by age cohort: Findings from the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Journal of Psychedelic Studies, 5(2), 69-82.

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A call to use psychology for anti-racist jury selection

Evidence-based jury selection is a critical need due to historical and ongoing racial biases that impede a just process and outcome. As norms about bias, how to measure it, and mitigating its effects have progressed over time, new tools to help carry out this work have become available. This article synergizes the latest relevant psychological literature with the combined wisdom and experience of an interdisciplinary group of experts in racism, law, psychology, mental health, and biomedical science to provide a framework to advance the jury selection process.

Citation: Practice Innovations,

Scientific Articles (cont'd)

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